Welcome to the Nummela airport

Nummela Flying Center (Nummelan Lentokeskus) is a parent organization for the Nummela based gliding clubs. It runs glider training and towing for its member clubs with the trainers and tow planes it owns.
Nummela airfield is one of the busiest leisure flying centers in Finland. It is the glider base closest to Helsinki, being situated in Vihti county, only 40 kilometres from Helsinki city center. Most of this distance is covered by the Turku highway with a speed limit of 120 kph (75 mph). This makes for a measly 35 minutes’ typical driving time.
Join the activity by signing up to one of our courses or joining one of our soaring clubs.


The equipment used in basic training are the reliable and proven ASK-21 gliders which have  been specially designed for basic training and are comfortable and easy to fly.

Nummela gliding center have two ASK-21’s, OH-677 and OH-768 thus providing  reliable and flexible training.

ASK-21 is also suitable for thermal-, cross country and aerobatic training.


The tow plane used in Nummela is the effective and well proven Finnish PIK-15 Hinu -tow plane.
PIK-15 Hinu, OH YHB which is designed as a tow plane is equipped with a more efficeint 180-horsepower engine towing the heavier two-seater ASK-21’s to the sky efficiently, reliably and fast.
The PIK-15 is a two seater and is also used to train new tow pilots.

Your life as a glider pilot starts when you sign up to one of our courses…

Your first step is to take an introductory flight in a sailplane. That flight will introduce you to a world you have never known. And it is so exciting that you will want to explore it, to learn more about it and to become part of it.
Teachers at the Nummelan Gliding Center will teach you about the new and exiting world of flying-related topics, come and join us.

logo1_RC-Nummela ry
RC modeling activity

At the Nummela airport it is also possible to engage in very versatile Model airplane activity. Since there are very active flying activity on the airport, model airplanes must follow certain rules in order to avoid dangerous situations.
RC-Nummela has been established to develop the RC Hobbies together with Nummela Gliding Center. You can find more information by pressing the button below.

Club activities

After the course, you have choices. There are three reliable clubs at Nummela who have been operating since the 50’s. Continue your glider pilot career by joining one of these clubs. All clubs have good equipment and experienced pilots, who will guide you to the fascinating world of e.g. wave soaring and cross country flying. Here below a list of clubs and links to their websites.


Nummelan airport was completed in August 1940 and was originally an alternate airport for a Squadron of bombers during the war. Glider flying was started in the late 1950’s.
In the early times the training equipment used where gliders such as  Bocian and ASK-13. As Tow planes  Klemm, Auster, Piper PA-25 Pawnee, Piper Cub have been used.
The very first PIK-15 “Hinu” (OH-XHA) also belonged to the Nummela towing squadron. This planes red sister (OH-YHB) is recently undergone a total renovation and is in pristine condition.