The course starts at 10:00 am in the office of the Gliding Center. It can be found when you go to the parking lot of the Air Hotel and turn to the right side of the parking lot where you can find a little road. Go the road ahead and soon you will see the red building where our classroom and office are located.


It is possible to arrange accomodation in the Gliding Center during the course. Tell us your willingness to the accommodation in advance, so that it can be arranged.

A student pilot license application is required before the first solo flight. It takes about a week to get the student pilot license. The application form can be found here:

The completed form have to deliver to Nummela Gliding Center.

A medical certificate requires an AME activity. The list of the AMEs can be found here:

Both the student pilot’s license and medical certificate should apply before the start of the course.

If learning is slower than it is defined in the training program, extra studies can be administered either by reserving a place in one module, or by agreeing the training with your own teacher.

The course must be paid to the account of the Nummela Gliding Center before the course starts. Take the receipt with you to the first day of the course. We accept a printed receipt.

The course requires the presence throughout the course. We recommend that the student afford that time only for gliding.

If a student has any other pilot’s license, can a training reserve by booking one-week module, or by negotiating with the Gliding Center instructors. The course fee is determined by the required time of flights.