Please note! These are unofficial reglations for operating in the Nummela aerodrome. Please make sure that you have a valid official data.  Accurate information can be found here:


Aerodrome Operator: Nummelan lentokeskus ry, phone +358 400 543836

Aerodrome Manager: Jari Siltala, phone +358 40 5014736

Address: Lentokentäntie 5, 03101 Nummela

Mailing Address: Nummelan lentokeskus ry, 03101, Nummela PL 32

Coordinates: 602009N 0241751E    (map)



At the intersection of the Helsinki-Pori and the Hanko-Hyvinkää roads.


Map of the Nummela aerodrome. Click to open a pdf.

Map of the Nummela aerodrome. Click to open a pdf.

Main runway: 04-22; asphalt surface section about 1200 meters, the threshold at runway 22 after intersection of runways. Before the threshold of runway 22 is narrow asphalt surface starting area (length approx. 200 m) and landing area (wide asphalt) for gliders.

When using runway 04 gliders land to the runway if traffic permits.

Cross Runway: 09-27; crushed stone, 800 m.

The windsock is located at the intersection of the runways – in the east-north-east sector.

The signal square is next to windsock.

Aerodrome Traffic Circuits: The main traffic circuit of the sailplanes is left – tow planes use operationally most advantageous traffic circuit and runway, which often differs from gliders using (the most common situation: gliders – Runway 22, tow planes – runway 27).

Apron is located along the main runway next to car parking.

 Please note

Because the field is located in the middle of the Nummela’s conurbation, we try to limit the noise to a minimum. For this reason, training touch and go landings are prohibited.

We wish to welcome all visiting aircrafts to the aerodrome, but we advise to read carefully the Aerodrome Standing Orders and the existing NOTAMs.

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