Nummela Gliding Center is on of the largest basic training organisations in Finland. Currently we train about 20 new glider pilots every year. Below you will find a short introduction of our fleet.

Efficient towing plane

The gliding center use efficient and reliable PIK-15 Hinu towing plane equipped with a 180 hp engine. This Finnish made aircraft is specially designed for towing gliders. With the two seater Hinu, OH-YHB, we can also train new tow pilots.

The best training gliders

In the basic flying training is used reliable ASK-21 composite gliders. They are comfortable and easy to fly and have been specially designed for basic training. Two training gliders, OH-677 and OH-768, brings certainty and flexibility to the training.

The ASK-21 is suitable for thermal-, cross-country as well as aerobatic training.

Fleet History

The gliding center used earlier Bocian, ASK-13, and Twin Astir in the training. In the towing has been used Klemm, Auster, Piper PA-25 Pawnee, Piper Cub and Super Cub and Rallye Commodore.

The first ever built PIK-15 Hinu, OH-XHA, belonged also to the fleet in the sixties. The red successor OH-YHB, has served the flying center for over 50 years and will do so in the future as well as it has recently undergone a total overhaul.