Account number: Nummelan Lentokeskus ry. FI07 5297 0020 1178 01

Flight Fees
Tow Ticket35 €
Tow Ticket, 10 pc package340 €
Training ticket55 €
Introduction flight 500m tow, one flight100 €
Introduction flight 1000m tow, one flight200 €
  • Last years tow tickets can be used the next year
  • You need at least 100 hours of PIC to fly the Centers ASK gliders
Course Fees
Basic glider course, modules 1+2+3+ theory included3000 €
Basic glider course, modules 1+2+3
Theory course done within 2 years
2750 €
Basic glider course, module 11100 €
Basic glider course, module 21000 €
Basic glider course, module 3950 €
Introduction course (1 flight)100 €
Introduction Course (1 flight, 1000m tow)200 €
Introduction course (2 flights)200 €

Hangar Fees
Glider Hangar space for clubs300 €
Glider Hangar space for others400 €
Motor plane Hangar space400 €
Motor Glider Hangar space400 €
Long Wing hangar space1000 €

Airfield Fees
Pilot per season50 €
Paraglider per season20 €
Model flyer35 €
Club GlidersFree
Private gliders per season100 €
Motor Gliders300 €
UltraLight300 €
Motorplane per season300 €
Visiting airplaneVolountary

Prices updated 25.11.2014. We reserve the right to make changes.

Purchase of the Aero tow tickets

Please note that the tow tickets are purchased by paying the tickets in advance by bank transfer to the Nummela Gliding Center account:

Nummelan Lentokeskus ry: FI07 5297 0020 1178 01

The office computer can be used to pay for tickets. Only in exceptional cases, can a tow ticket be bought for cash. In this case, a single ticket price is 37 € and a training ticket 57 €.

Please make sure that you have paid your personal airport fee of 50 € to the Gliding Center account before the first flight of the season. Present the voucher of the airport fee as you pick up your towing tickets. You can also send a voucher to the email address above.